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Herbal heroes for headache support

Occasional headaches can leave you feeling pinched from the inside out.  The next time a stressful day has your head in a vice, support your cranium with white willow bark, meadowsweet, tasty peppermint, and soothing chamomile.†  HeadAid herbal tea is a comforting companion when served both hot or iced, and is always caffeine-free.

Herbal Supplement · Caffeine-free

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HeadAid is an ideal support for occasional:

  • Headaches
  • Tension
  • Stress

INGREDIENTS: Linden*, skullcap*, peppermint*, meadowsweet*, chamomile*, white willow bark*, ginger*.
*organic, ‡wildcrafted

DIRECTIONS: Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water over 1 heaping tablespoon of tea and allow to infuse for at least 15 minutes.  Strain and sip.

TIP: Try an overnight infusion for great tasting chilled tea the next day!  In a jar or carafe (32 oz Mason jars work well), use 3 tablespoons of tea per 2 cups of room temperature water.  Fully saturate herbs and refrigerate overnight.  Strain and enjoy!

SUGGESTED USE: Adults: sip 1-3 cups, as needed.

Additional information


Meadowsweet and white willow bark contain salicylates similar to aspirin and should not be used by those with aspirin sensitivity. Persons with allergies to the daisy family may be sensitive to chamomile.†

Brewing Tips

Tea Press: For an incredibly simple way to make outstanding tea – try a tea press (a coffee press, but used for tea)!

Unlike tea bags or metal mesh steeping balls, presses allow the tea leaves to dance freely and better release their inner magic. If you favor a strong cup of tea, leave the plunger up so the tea can continue to infuse. If you've reached your desired flavor intensity and would like to stop the steeping process, simply press the plunger to the bottom and pour your cup.

Cold brew: Not in the mood for hot tea? Make it chilly! Try brewing two different ways for two different flavor profiles:

1. Brew a strong pot of tea, refrigerate, serve over ice.
2. In a jar or large carafe (32 oz Mason jars work well), use 3 tablespoons of tea per 2 cups of water – or try our folk method and simply cover the bottom of the jar with a layer of herbs about 1/2 an inch thick. Add room temperature water, making sure all the herbs are fully saturated and refrigerate overnight. Strain, sip, and enjoy!

Size Options

1 oz tin (approx. 12 cups), 2 oz bag, 4 oz bag, 8 oz bag


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